Another Bath Salt Zombie Attack; Man’s Face Bitten


Zombie Attacks Continue 

Another bizarre zombie attack has occurred for the fourth time in recent weeks. According to KATC Louisiana, a 43-year-old man high on bath salts attacked and bit the face of his neighbor. Over the weekend, Car Jacquneau of Lafayette Parish reportedly became involved in a dispute with Todd Credeur. KATC reports that a local police chief told them; “During the attack, the suspect bit a chunk of the victim’s face off.” Since then, pictures of the victim have surfaced showing a large bloody hole in his cheek. Jacquneaux was charged with aggravated burglary, battery, violation of probation, and violation of protective orders.

A friend of Jacquneau also reported that he was high on the LSD type drug known as bath salts. Bath salts have been making headlines since late May when Rudy Eugene was killed by Miami authorities after they found him eating the face of another man. Eugene was said to be high on the drug that’s been known to gives users delusions and at times super strength.

Just yesterday, news broke that a North Miami Beach was arrested after walking into a local Boston Market and trying to get into a fight with two police officers on the scene. The officers reported that the so-called “zombie” was acting bizarrely and growled at them before trying to bite one of the officer’s hands. That man was said to be high on a synthetic substance known as Cloud 9.

Tired of reading “zombie” stories? So are we. Tell your brethren to lay off the bath salts for goodness’ sake.

Click continue to see the face of the latest victim of a zombie attack. –danielle canada 

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