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Why Do Women Cheat With Celebrities? Meet the Groupies

Why do women cheat with celebrities? (Posed by models).

Why do women cheat with celebrities? (Posed with models).

Why Do Women Cheat with Celebrities? Meet the Groupies

A groupie is a woman who jockeys for attention, sex, fame, monetary gain and/or, a long-term affiliation with a celebrity. Groupies come in all shapes and statuses, and are clearly focused on getting “their” celebrity, regardless of his relationship status.

Actors, athletes, pastors, politicians, and even high-profile criminals have their own league of groupies. The deeper a woman’s obsession, the more likely she will parlay her affection into groupie action, and, if given the opportunity, she will cheat.

So why do women cheat with celebrities? What would lure a woman into an affair and/or groupie lifestyle?

Keys to adultery and/or groupie behavior begin with the kind of celebrity the woman wants.

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  2. Rebeca Kasak on December 16, 2012 at 11:14 am

    because She also wants her physical and emotional needs met; and to not still feel bored after. 🙂