Another ‘Zombie’ Attack? Man Strips, Bites Man’s Bicep in Florida

Second Florida Man Bites Flesh of Victim

A second man in Florida is the latest aggressor in a string of so-called “zombie” attacks. Charles Baker, 26, of  Palmetto, Fla., was arrested by authorities Wednesday after they say he attacked and viciously bit into an innocent victim. According to WPTV, Baker went to visit his children at his estranged girlfriend’s house earlier this week. When he arrived, authorities report that he began to act aggressively and banged on her door before stripping down to his skivvies. After he was fully nude, he then broke down the door and began throwing furniture around the unnamed woman’s home.

A second man, Jeffrey Blake, was also at the scene and reported being attacked and bitten in the bicep by Baker when he tried to stop his tirade. Police later reported that a chunk of the man’s arm was missing.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Baker was said to be increasingly aggressive and tensed his body while screaming, reports WPTV. An officer reportedly deployed a Taser on Baker causing him to fall before he pulled out the probes and continued his attack. He was later shot with a stun gun twice before being adequately subdued.

He is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Baker’s case follows that of Rudy Eugene, Alexander Kinyua, Brandon DeLeon and Car Jacquneau, four men accused of attacking people with their teeth in biting, “zombie” attacks. Eugene was the first in the wave of cannibalistic like incidents after he was found eating off the face of a homeless man while completely nude. The narcotic drugs, “bath salts,” are being blamed for several of the situations. –danielle canada 

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