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50 Cent Died Twice in the Hospital After Crash

50 Cent died twice on the hospital table after the crash. 50 Cent has been in a car accident this morning.  The fact that 50 Cent was shot several times, we should assume that you live again.

50 Cent should be given 50 cents every time he utilizes our time to publicize his beef or any other hoax related. It is also 50 Cent’s bravado that constantly fills the internet with  lies, facts and untruths.

50 Cent is the second coming of hip-hop. 50 Cent has allowed himself to be seen in photographs and a crash that only he has the pictures to. What a great news man.

50 Cent died twice on the table of the hospital. We all need to be concerned if 50 Cent is reporting the demise of such a wonderful and honest rapper.

The internet is filled with things that are true and untrue. It makes it very difficult to realize and not support the rumors and innuendo. We must all enjoy the fact that 50 Cent has died in a car crash, was revived on a table and traveled in a bulletproof casket in advance of being buried. 50 Cent will live to record again.


  1. Honeydppd on June 26, 2012 at 7:03 pm


  2. Partiesbydasha on June 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Who wrote this article???? I know this is a free magazine but damn no commas,no proper editing whatsoever! #FAIL I might as well go over to MTO for 10 yr old writing like this!