Tamar Braxton Issues a Cease and Desist Letter to K. Michelle


‘Love And Hip-Hop’ Star Given A Cease And Desist

Two women known for not only being singers, but also reality TV stars are at odds this morning reportedly over a series of tweets. Tamar Braxton and ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s’ K. Michelle are said to be feuding so much so that a cease and desist letter has been ordered and sent the Tennessee singer’s way.

As previously reported, Michelle was introduced to the world on ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ last week and sparked controversy with thinly veiled allegations against Memphitz, the record exec husband of Toya Carter. According to Michelle, who never called him out directly, Hitz  physically abused her and threatened the safety of her son.

Since then Tamar Braxton, a close friend of Hitz’ wife Toya, has spoken out via Twitter and told her followers to “just let the girl live her fairy tale,” a remark many thought was aimed at K. Michelle. Michelle obviously thought it was meant for her as well and later went on a radio show bashing the Braxton sister. “She was on twitter last night [and] she deleted the tweets because she knows she doesn’t want it with [me],” said Michelle. “She better stay over there with ‘Family Values’,” she added. “You know me, I don’t mess with anybody until they mess with me, and I don’t play them little games. I’m from Memphis, we jump gate! […] So until the muppet gets it together, she needs to stay away from me.”

On Thursday K. Michelle reportedly recieved a cease and desist asking that she no longer speak badly about the Braxton and make threats lest she want to face legal action. A portion of the desist brings up the alleged tweet that sparked it all and mentions that it was actually aimed at Toya who recently took a Paris vacation with her husband. Furthermore, the letter calls Michelle’s muppet comment “defamatory.”

 K. Michelle has since responded defiantly on Twitter and wrote, “Cease and desist this!” Attached to the tweet was the below video, an intro to the ‘Muppet Babies’ television show.


Oh ladies, can’t we all just get along? -danielle canada

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