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Herman Cain Building a Political Empire

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain

Herman Cain, who briefly led the Republican presidential field in national polls and exited the race following charges of sexual harassment, has moved on to his second act in American politics.

Cain has been busy creating a network of affiliated and overlapping political and business groups, including two super PACs, a politically focused nonprofit, an educational nonprofit called Cain Foundation Inc., and a radio and print syndication outfit known as T.H.E. New Voice Inc.

In the second quarter of this year, Cain Connections PAC donated $75,000 to the Cain-operated political nonprofit group, Cain Solutions. The super PAC didn’t contribute to any other groups or campaigns, and spent more than $180,000 on direct mail, printing, rentals, marketing, and legal and banking fees.

Working in concert, the Cain organizations have sponsored bus tours, published a book, produced controversial political ads and launched an online television network — all in their first year of operation. Cain is also slated to host a radio show next year.

His presidential campaign committee is still technically operational, although it reported less than $25,000 in cash and $450,000 in debt — most of which he’s owed for loans and travel expenses.