Stevie J Confronts Joseline About Threatening Mimi

Last week, Mimi revealed to Stevie J that Joseline has been sending her threatening text messages. This week, Stevie J pays a visit to Joseline’s photo shoot. After criticizing Joseline’s tacky photo shoot wardrobe, Stevie tells her to never disrespect his family, but Joseline refuses and calls Mimi the B-word. Stevie storms off and tells Joseline she’s committing career suicide with her attitude and shoot.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • ziggys corner

    Yo this week episode was cray, I mean Stevie J is playing these chicks like a game of chess, its entertaining yet sad at the same time. and Erica is way betta lookin than that chicken head scrappy messing with now. Mama Dee need to sit down somewhere, scrappy is a grown man, he need to start using his real name for starters. Check out my review on this week episode