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Actor Maurice Johnson Loses His Pants During a Performance

Full given name: Maurice Johnson

Current Project: Studio Films’ Crossroads, an 11Eleven11 Project, and Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse”

Where you were born/where you were raised: Augusta, Ga.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Why did you take this role?
I felt this role was written for me. I immediately felt the vision of the writer and director in the initial audition. Even with the option to be cast in some of the other 11Eleven11 Project films, I felt at home with this opportunity. The creative juices flowed so much that the script was modified numerous times to really grasp the best moments to move the story as we saw fit. When you see this film, you will see just that as it will captivate you from beginning to end!

Did you have any particular mentors or inspirations as a young actor?
Laurence Fishburne has always been my inspiration even though I am often typecast as the Morris Chestnut and Blair Underwood roles. With the 11Eleven11 Films Project, I have had the recent opportunity to be taught and mentored by Mel Jackson who has provided me with so much knowledge and insight and motivation throughout this process. Mel’s direction and encouragement are a once-in-a-lifetime gift that I am blessed with.

The one movie — attended — that you will never forget:
Dreamgirls. I went down to Augusta and took my mom and dad to it during the middle of the week. We were the only people in the theater. She was boohoo-ing — is that a word? — when J Hud sang “And I Am Telling You.” My mom is going to get me for this one.

Your personal acting idols:
Laurence Fishburne, Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino

Last good movie you saw:
The Hunger Games

Some films you consider classics:
Scarface, Hoodlum, Do the Right Thing, Boyz N the Hood, The Color Purple, Coming to America, Titanic and Pulp Fiction

Performer you would drop everything to go see:
I would say Beyoncé and Prince but I’ve seen them both. I regret missing Michael Jackson in concert

Pop culture guilty pleasure:
Watching the buffoonery of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” — they’re such a misrepresentation of this great city. The drama plus bad acting equals crazy ratings I guess.

Favorite cities:
Atlanta; Miami; Destin, Fla.; Negril, Jamaica and the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini were breathtaking also.

First CD/Tape/LP you owned:
It was a tape. I’m pretty sure it was Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative,” New Edition’s Heart Break and Johnny Gill’s album. I probably went to Turtles [a record store] and bought all three with my savings, my allowance.

Moment you knew you wanted to perform for a living:
It happened when I took the stage at Albany State University’s ACAD Auditorium in Thomas Meloncon’s stageplay “The Diary of Black Men” and it was directed by Dr. Wendy R. Coleman.

Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap:
It was on stage but it wasn’t a play. It was a step show. I was as Clark Atlanta University when I when I literally stepped out of my pants. I guess it turned into a real Que Revue.

Most challenging role you have played:
There are none to date. I’ve been blessed to have a few scripts that were written with me in mind. I am longing for a challenge that really shows the range that I have as an actor.

Worst job you ever had:
An indie film called Governor’s Daughters, directed by Lawyer Henderson. No one should have ever sold him a camera or approved his script.

Career you would want if not a performer:
VP of Human Resources

Three things you can’t live without:
God, water and women