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’80s Fashion: Adidas, Links and Neon

There is no doubt about it that 80s fashion is becoming a trend again on the streets.

From link chain necklaces, to neon clothing, to haircuts, you would think the youth of today were listening to Kid ‘N Play and Run DMC instead of Wale and Young Money. It just goes to show that what your mother or father wore in the past wasn’t so bad. In fact, some of the clothing items your parents used to rock are actually pretty retro.

Here are some of the trends from the 80s that are showing up again right now.

Link Chain Necklaces

A fad once donned by the hip-hop group Run-DMC, link chains are being rocked by some hip-hop stars now. Link chain necklaces come in many forms, Multi-colored or with a variety of charms, the new school link chains are a bit different from the old school precious metals.

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