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Jenny McCarthy, NFL Star Brian Urlacher Split: Other Shocking Celebrity Romances

This is the “Oops, I Really Messed Up” award of the past 25 years. Way back in 1989, “Married with Children” star Christina Applegate took Brad Pitt to the MTV Movie Awards. But she dumped the rising star and left him there, going home with another man! Talk about throwing away the winning lotto ticket.
Applegate later admitted to Hollywood mag: “I’m sorry, Brad! I knew this story was gonna surface at some point,” she said. “I felt really bad about it, I really, really do.”
Yes, you are more than sorry. You are washed up. Meanwhile Pitt has been the darling of the media and paparazzi for the past decade while racking up tens of millions of dollars and orphans with Angelina Jolie.
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