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Under Armour’s Adrienne Lofton-Shaw Talks Innovation in Branding and Her Favorite Books

Under Armour's Adrienne Lofton-Shaw Talks Innovation in Branding and Her Favorite Books

Adrienne Lofton-Shaw is enjoying her role as senior marketing director for Under Armour. This September, she’ll celebrate her four-year anniversary leading the marketing charge for the women’s category brand/retail management and visual merchandising divisions. An avid athlete and Howard University graduate, Lofton shares her hobbies and travel interests, and offers a few tips on innovation in marketing.

What do you do for personal enjoyment?

It may sound strange, but I work out and train. I feel most refreshed when I have an intense workout.  Above and beyond that, I love spending time with my family, and traveling and seeing new places.

What are your favorite places to travel to and why?

Wherever my family is, traveling back to Houston is fabulous, whenever we can. The challenge with my career track is always being away from my core family. Also, I like traveling to where there is blue water and white sand – Majorca [Spain], Antigua, Jamaica, St. Barts.

Which books are on your must-read list?

BlinkLeadership and Self Deception is one a mentor gave me that opened my eyes to how things are at work if you are not aware; How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleAutobiography of Malcolm X; The Help; Game of Thrones and Hunger Games.

Innovation in marketing happens when …

Innovation is really simplistic at the core. People talk about it being some huge technology, something scientific, but it’s really identifying a need and creating an innovative was to solve for it. For example, we just released a sports bra that basically creates ease in shopping. We get everything out of the way for the shopper and all she needs to focus on is the workout. That’s innovation. Our Recharge products are our scientific pieces of apparel designed to help muscles recuperate faster and to get the athlete back on the field, quicker.  Ultimately, solving a need … thinking about the consumer first is at the core.

How do you choose social causes that align with the brand’s strategy?

At Under Armour, we focus on causes that align with the brand’s DNA – sports, performance and athleticism. We take a hard look to see how we can complement the business through social causes, it’s important to us. One that I specifically work on is Power in Pink. That’s our breast cancer initiative. For us, it’s about helping women get through breast cancer while staying focused on health and wellness. We identify women who don’t quit, who are undeterred and never stop being healthy, eating right and working out. We give a percentage of our revenues back to foundations nationwide. Another big one is Wounded Warrior. We honor what our military has done for this country.

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