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Famous Gay Celebrity Activists


Though it may be the grassroots leader who anonymously lays the solid foundation for change — often toiling in undeserved obscurity — it is the big name celebrity who often catapults the campaign for change from the limited parameters onto the national stage.

Below are some of the biggest leaders of the gay and lesbian community who have greatly impacted the era of change that the country is now experiencing. With our own list, along with, we list the biggest gay celebrity activists in the country.


1. Anchor Don Lemon caused seismic quakes when he first told of being abused as a child during CNN’s coverage of the Bishop Eddie L. Long’s sexual scandal in Atlanta. The popular anchor then came out and told the world that he is indeed gay. He has repeatedly spoken out on LGBT issues on the air, making him one of the most effective and influential spokespersons of gay rights and same-sex marriages.
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