MTV Cancels ‘Jersey Shore’; 5 Reasons It Got the Ax

“Jersey Shore” is now sleeping with the fishes.

MTV announced that they are cancelling the ratings-busting, fist-pumping, bar-hopping show “Jersey Shore'”, the brain-dead program that celebrated spray-on tans, greased-down hair and vulgar behavior.

Soon after its December 9 premiere featuring twentysomething “guidos,” ‘Jersey Shore’ quickly ignited critical disdain yet became the most-watched series episode in MTV history, by far, hitting a high of almost 9 million viewers who watched by the fourth episode of the third season. And in the process “Jersey Shore” made the names Snooki, the Situation, Pauly D and Jwoww household names.

But it is painfully apparent that MTV’s signature franchise is in a quick descent and will ax the program after the airing of the final season Oct. 6.

Here are the five reasons “Jersey Shore” was cancelled.  

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