NeNe Leakes Talks Dating Short and Broke Men

NeNe Leakes knows all about the unspoken battle between short and tall people. On “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she’s the undisputed leader of “The Talls.” But while she may prefer her girlfriends to be 5’10 and above, she says that she doesn’t mind if her man comes up just a little bit short in the height department.

“I think tall is beautiful,” said the 5’10 ½ stunner while visiting “Conan.”

While discussing the topic of dating, Leakes admitted that she is “legally single” but hinted that she is attached to a certain someone in particular, fueling rumors that she may have reconciled with her ex-husband, Gregg Leakes. And though she is taller than Gregg, she says that dating short men isn’t a problem for her.

“I’ve dated shorter guys,” she explained to host Conan O’Brien. “Shorter guys tend to have that boss mentality, so they like to talk to taller women, [it] just makes them feel tall. I don’t know.”

Though Leakes is pretty compromising when it comes to height, one thing she’s certain of is that she won’t date a man who’s broke. Though she’s says they don’t have to be rich, she refuses to support any man she’s dating.

“They gonna need their own money, now. They can’t have mine. They do need to bring something to the table. They don’t need to be super-rich, but they need to be financially stable,” she said.

Well, nobody likes a gold digger, but plenty of men and women like a tall lady. Check out others who do below.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey and her me height, but considering that Cynthia is typically in heels, Peter is probably used to having to look up to his wife when he’s talking to her.


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