Yandy Smith Posts New Pictures of Her Son

Just a few months after giving birth, Yandy Smith of “Love & Hip Hop” is posting new pictures of her infant son.  Smith, who has been more than open with fans about her new journey into motherhood, took to Twitter this week to share new snaps of her baby, Omere. Calling him her “blue-eyed bandit,” Smith showed photos of her holding him and later posing for the camera with his midnight blue eyes gleaming. These photos mark the second time she’s shown off her bundle of joy. “This blue-eyed bandit is still up wiggling around and gaga-gooing,” Smith captioned the below photo. “He’s fed & changed. Bout to sing him a song…#needhimtogotosleep!”

Yandy Smith’s son, Omere Harris

In the past Smith has been accused of donning contact lenses but not so says the new mom; her sea colored eyes are the real deal and apparently were inherited by her son. “Girl yes, colored contacts are not for me,” she previously wrote to a fan online. “But I’m not mad when they look natural.” In addition to Smith’s blue-eyed baby reveal, the former manager of Jim Jones and Missy Elliot is launching her lifestyle blog EverythingGirlsLove.com.

In similar fashion, Smith’s close friend, Kimbella Vanderhee, also posted new pictures of her baby this week. Her baby girl, Bella Monroe, was spotted being held by her uncle and laying across the mother of three’s chest.

Check out more photos of Smith’s “blue eyed bandit” and the adorable daughter of Juelz Santana below. –danielle canada

  • http://twitter.com/ReneetheG Renee G

    some women would kill for those eyes! lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SPEKPPLAG5CJCDSCXMDSH2AOM Likewaterforchocolate

    He looks just like his mom

  • lovemesomeme

    he baby is so gorgeous. i love those beautiful eyes and round cheeks. he will break many girls’ hearts.

  • ao

    Really? We still go crazy over light eyes?

    Reality, he’s a cute baby. Even if his eyes were brown!

    • Nene

      I agree. Self hate at it’s finest. He is cute.

  • ashley

    Yandy baby is so so pretty in i love yandy

  • Cilla

    Those eyes look photoshopped. Most baby’s come out with grayish eyes so maybe they bumped up the color post production. smh

    • Lovely

      Seriously, can’t just be happy. People like you are what’s wrong with the world today. Haters!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/selena.ashford Selena Ashford

    I think Yandy’s baby is gorgeous! I saw him when they did promos for the new Love and Hip Hop and I fell in love with the little fella! He is indeed a beautiful baby! Best of luck to your family, Yandy!

  • Lovely

    Cute baby!!!