Twitter Sex Scandal Shakes Up Detroit Police Department; Chief Resigns

Man in the middle:  Lt. Monique Patterson, former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee and officer Angelica Robinson.

After Godbee became chief of police, Patterson produced text messages that indicated Lt. Monique Patterson had an affair with the newly minted Chief Godbee as well.

Text messages were released:

From Godbee to Monique Patterson said, “I want you, I think you, I breathe you, I taste you, I smell you, need I go on?”

Another text message from Godbee to Patterson read, “I need a face to face so you can see that I say what I say because I’m in LOVE WITH YOU!”

Yet another text message from Godbee to Patterson said, “I can meet you by 8′ish.  Can you have everything set up where you can just let me know the room #?”

A text message from Patterson to Godbee read, “I hate that all we have discussed (transfer, etc.) nothing has occurred.  Nothing seems hopeful to me at this point.  Nothing.”

Then a text message from Godbee to Patterson said, “You will learn over time that my word is my bond!”

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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