5 normal relationship habits that people think are bad

People can sometimes enter relationships with expectations about the way things should look based on their past romantic history, upbringing, or any number of other circumstances. It’s important to know that these assumptions can often lead to feelings of guilt, resentment, discontent, and even unnecessary conflict. When it comes to romantic love, and long-term relationships […]

6 signs the person you’re dating is emotionally unavailable

Most of us have heard the term “emotionally available” thrown around quite often when it comes to dating and relationships. It’s natural to be in a state of emotional unavailability when you have a lot on your plate or just need time to rebalance. Although, there are those people who constantly show up as emotionally […]

4 signs you should slide back out of those DMs

Young woman on phone

When someone is interested in you, it is clear. Whether they are verbal with their feelings or express their feelings through their actions, but when those feelings are absent, it may be a little less clear-cut. So here are four signs they’re not that into you and you should probably back out of those DMs […]

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Best moments from episode 7

Season 10 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has provided closure for some, reopened unhealed wounds, and also revisited a few situations from the past for the ladies. Check out the top highlights from episode seven below. Porsha embarks on her first blind date with Mr. Clean Porsha Williams has had her fair share interesting […]

5 signs they aren’t good enough for you

You’ve been ignoring the signs for far too long. And while your mother, close friends, and the entire church usher board all want you to move on to someone new, you continue to faithfully stand by the “love” of your life. Under a different set of circumstances, I would actually applaud you resolving to be […]

‘Man whisperer’ Deya Smith shares how self-discovery improves romance

What if everything you thought you understood about communicating with men was wrong? Would you be willing to re-calibrate your thinking to possess the love and life you desire? Do you realize that you have an innate power to attract amazing relationships through your ability to communicate using a soft and strategic strategy? Deya Smith […]

How to cut emotional ties with your ex

In my own personal experience, I’ve struggled on how to cut ties with an ex, because I was still emotionally attached. We often feel this way because our partners have met and satisfied our needs and when they are no longer a part of our lives, we tend to feel empty or even lost. You […]

6 tips for using food in the bedroom

6 tips for using food in the bedroom Food and sex have a lot in common — they’re sensual, nourishing and have the potential for great variety. One of the easiest, most delicious ways to rev up your sex life is to add some edible ingredients. In fact, “food play” is especially suited to long-term […]

10 things you should never do on your 1st date

The first date — you’ve met someone that you like and you’ve decided to go on a date. It can be the start of a whirlwind romance, but at the same time nerve-wracking and exciting. Just when you thought you’d met Mr. or Ms. Right, you realize you never heard back from your date. What […]

How to cope after a breakup during the holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Well that is what we all are told. But what if your man or your woman leaves you weeks into the season? What do you do? How do you handle this? Let me give you a little advice. Remember the hit song by The Emotions,”What do the lonely do […]

Malinda Williams-led ‘Marry Me for Christmas’ premieres in Atlanta

The UP Original romantic home-for-the-holidays movie “Marry Me for Christmas” stars Malinda Williams (“Soul Food”) and Brad James (“For Better or Worse,” Prisoners). Check out more pictures from the premiere in the gallery. –joi pearson @joiapearsonPhoto Credit: Chris Mitchell / CME 3000

Malinda Williams, Brad James star in ‘Marry Me for Christmas’

She’s smart and stylish. Marci Jewel, played by Malinda Williams (“Soul Food”) in the UP Original Movie “Marry Me for Christmas,” is the owner and creative director of an up-and-coming ad agency and thrilled with her single life in New York — except during the holidays. While all of her cousins are married and having babies, Marci remains the […]

Celebrity couples who were high school sweethearts

It may seem like Hollywood’s A-list only finds love on the set but in all reality, some of the world’s most loved couples met back in high school. Long before they were athletes, r&b singers and actors the following knew they had met “the one” and held on for dear life. Click to continue for […]

5 signs your man is cheating

I might get kicked out of the brotherhood for breaking the bro-code, but ladies, I’m sacrificing myself just for you. You could be missing obvious signs that your man is cheating because your man is pretty good with his game, but I’m going to blow the roof off of all that right now, and open […]

25 Interesting Facts About Black Love and Relationships

It’s a beautiful day, which means it’s also a beautiful opportunity to learn more about the main thing that binds us together as human beings — our desire to understand and appreciate love. To get us started on the right foot this week, I decided to compile a list of 25 interesting relationship facts aimed […]

Love Quotables: 7 New Ways to Express Your Love

The words that pour through my pen represent a concentrated overflow of all of the passion, pain and promise that I’ve experienced throughout the years. And while I work through my ability to freely share it all with you, I take solace in the fact that others have successfully achieved that level of openness. I […]

The Return of the Gentleman

My mother did a great job raising me. It’s for that reason, along with a host of others that make her such a special woman in my eyes. Her unadulterated awesomeness is what prompts me to write about her from time to time (read here), and it also makes me want to spend my days […]