6 tips for using food in the bedroom

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6 tips for using food in the bedroom

Food and sex have a lot in common — they’re sensual, nourishing and have the potential for great variety. One of the easiest, most delicious ways to rev up your sex life is to add some edible ingredients. In fact, “food play” is especially suited to long-term relationships. And, one of the benefits of being in a committed relationship is that you and your mate have the opportunity to “sexplore” each other. Now, before I talk about today’s tips, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First: Use finger foods and make sure the portions are in bite-size pieces. Second: Keep it refreshing. The food you select should provide a refreshing feeling and not a stuffy one.

Below, you will find six more tips for using food in the bedroom.

– Keep it sweet and light. Whether using food on the tongue or body, food foreplay is an appetizer, but sex is the meal. So hold the spicy and savory (which can burn your skin or eyes) for mealtime and focus on sweets, for your sweet. If you like healthy sweets, try strawberries, cherries and red or green grapes, but you can also incorporate more complex fruit like mango, grapefruits, oranges or papaya. The fruit should be washed and besides the cherries, the rest should be prepared accordingly. Strawberries should be cut, washed and lightly sweetened with sugar; grapes should be separated from their stems and the rest should be peeled and cut into bite-size pieces. However, if you prefer the real sugar rush, you can use ice cream toppings (chocolate or caramel sauce, or even marshmallow cream. You can hand feed your mate or use each other’s bodies as plates. Note: Eating too much before getting intimate will only make you and your mate sluggish.

– Keep food away from your private parts. Private parts and food don’t mix for various reasons, to include possible infections or skin irritations. The safest way to stimulate your mate is to keep all the food action above the waist; keeping in mind that there are plenty of sensual safe zones.

– Engage all your senses. Bringing food into the bedroom engages the senses and not just taste. Focus on using foods that smell and feel good on bare skin. To keep things hot, use foods that you can heat up, like honey or chocolate. Or you can go the opposite direction with Popsicles, frozen grapes or even ice. Play around with these items, hot or cold, running them over sensitive zones, like your neck, earlobes, bosom and lips. And, don’t forget to use your hands to stroke, caress and massage your mate, especially below the waist, where food is off-limits.

– Get creative with your mouth. Great fellatio is about varying the amount of pressure and speed with your tongue and mouth. Good food play works the same way. Instead of simply licking food off part of your mate’s body, try sucking cream off his or her finger, or gently nibbling honey off your lover’s body.

– Come prepared. Don’t forget to pack some appropriate gear for your naked picnic. Lay down sheets or towels that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also invest in some baby wipes in order to keep the area and your bodies, as neat and clean, as possible.

– Clean each other off afterwards. You set the table and devoured your partner. Now don’t forget to wash up! Hit the shower and help your mate clean those hard-to-reach spots. Who knows? It may even lead to round two. Dessert, anyone?

Until next time, play with your food and eat until you and your partner are satisfied!

–myra c. harris is the author of How to Get a Man: From the Kitchen, to the Bedroom, to the Ring, which can be purchased at www.letaypublishing.com.

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