Brad Pitt and President Barack Obama

Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society discovered that Brad Pitt and President Barack Obama are actually distant cousins.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • zobop republic @ Wordpress

    If Halle Berry is related to *gulp* Sarah Palin, then I’m going to become a monk.

  • Miss Higgi

    And then, SOME things are better left UNacknowledged!!!

    • [email protected]

      I disagree Miss Piggy. WHaleWillie would luv to be da meat in d’at sandwich. Put a litta’ Mississipi spunk on top and da biatches be coooooing t’ill Obama himself cum ridin’ in on da Oreo truck.
      Don’t mind da’t one’s a whities and da otha a half’n’half. Long as d’ey dont s’rv me patern’ty peypas, d’en I be fine! WOuldnt mind scoopin’ Sara Palling’s daughta’. She be fine piece of honkey ass. She was on Dance w’it Stars and ma couch was all sticky like.
      Cum ta WHaleWillie Miss Piggy, gonna make ya squeal for me