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Nicki Minaj Sounds Off Against Mariah Carey on ‘My Truth’

Eminem vs. Mariah Carey

Since 2001, Eminem has claimed to have dated Carey for six months, prompting Carey to deny his claims and later release the alleged diss track “Clown.” Em responded in 2005, when he began playing romantic voice-mails and recordings allegedly left by Carey during his concerts. After years of silence, the feuding reignited again in 2009 after the Shady Records rapper took shots at Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship in the song “Bagpipes From Baghdad.” Carey decided to fire back at Em with the diss track “Obsessed” and its accompanying video. Em responded by releasing the diss track “The Warning,” in which he threatened to release voice-mails and pictures proving that he and Carey were once a couple. The beef has since quieted down — for now.


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