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Covers » Obama Wins 2nd Term! Most Expensive Election in History

Obama Wins 2nd Term! Most Expensive Election in History

President Barack H. Obama won his second bid for the presidency with 303 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206, far short of the 270 required to win. The 2012 presidential race was a long and grueling campaign and the most expensive in U.S. history. According to an estimate by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, $6 billion was the total amount spent on the election, that’s $700 million more than the previous “most expensive election” in history — 2008 — and includes money spent by the campaigns, outside groups and independent organizations.

The work is not over for the Obama administration. The House of Representatives is very much still in the hands of Republicans. Americans deserve better over the course of the next four years than we experienced over the last four in terms of partisan politics. The parties must find a way to work together to improve the economy, health care and foreign relations.

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