Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ remix drops, features Kanye West

Rihanna's 'Diamonds' remix drops, features Kanye West

We should have known it wouldn’t be long before Rihanna released a remix of her runaway single “Diamonds.” However, no on expected it to drop before the leaked Unapologetic album was available in stores on Monday, Nov. 19.

None other than Kanye West lands on the remix. Back in 2005, on the 4th of July, Yeezy released the Grammy Award-winning single “Diamonds from Sierra Leone.” Unlike that single which was a protest song about the blood diamond trade, on this remix, West exudes his alpha male characteristics with verses like: “Voices in my head/I need choices in my bed” and “Until my time is up/my style’s sex in the shower/fresh as f—.”

It’s a hot remix. Check it out for yourself. –yvette caslin

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