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John Travolta wins sex case; fails with bad weave

John Travolta and his powerhouse attorney Marty Singer.

John Travolta was sued by Robert Randolph, an author who claims in his book, “You’ll Never Spa in the Town Again,” that he personally witnessed Travolta in various gay sex acts in bathhouses.

Robert Randolph’s book accuses married actor John Travolta of gay bathhouse sex.

Randolph claimed in his lawsuit that Travolta’s team (led by his high-powered attorney Marty Singer (pictured above), spread lies about his mental health and that affected his credibility as a reliable source, and thus many bookstores didn’t carry his book.

Randolph’s lawsuit was tossed out in September, but recently the judge ordered Randolph to pay Travolta’s legal fees as well.

“This legal fee award is another complete and total victory for Mr. Travolta. Anyone else who files a ridiculous lawsuit against him should expect a similar outcome,” Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer said in a statement.

Randolph must pay $139,645.17 to cover Travolta’s legal bills.

We don’t know about the gay bathhouse stuff, but fans are encouraging John Travolta to sue his hairstylist for those tacky lacefronts.

He’s too pretty for that wretchedness; take a look.

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