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Emily B ‘too classy’ to fight over Fabolous? Is that why he won’t wife her?

The rumor mill went bananas a few days ago with claims that Fabolous’ baby’s mama and “Love & Hip Hop” star Emily Bustamante was involved in a nightclub brawl with some groupie she saw on Fab’s arm. On Dec. 12, Emily B. hopped on Twitter to deny any allegations that she would be involved in anything as tawdry as a bar fight with some anonymous woman.

“To whom it may concern I have never in my life got into a fight in a club,” she tweeted. “I’m classy #dassit lol #aintnobodygottimeforthat”

First off, that’s commendable. Because there’s nothing more childish (yet kind of hot) than two women throwing blows over some dude. And Fabolous, let’s be frank, kind of treats Emily like an afterthought. She’s been with him for years, and he cheats openly and has publicly said definitely that he will not be marrying Emily.

What a slap in the face. (No pun intended.)

(Well, pun kind of intended.)

But, it’s worth considering that maybe Emily’s lack of ratchet dramatics in the way of catfights is part of the reason why Fab has a wandering eye?

What if Fabolous wants Emily to go crazy over him. Maybe he’s pining for the day when Emily would snatch some strange woman’s weave and break a bottle over her head and dare her to even look at her baby daddy again.  Maybe he wants to see that kind of fire before he can commit long-term?

Or maybe Fab is just a textbook dog who doesn’t respect women and takes the chick that’s held him down for years for granted.

Because yeah — that’s possible, too.

Just sayin.’

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  1. OhMyGodYes on December 12, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Boo Boo and more BOO on this snipet of an article. To even jokingly suggest that she should get ratchet in order to keep a dude that isnt worth the time is moronic.