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Stevie J says he has custody of his daughter, Mimi Faust responds

Stevie J says he has custody of his daughter with Mimi Faust

Is the daughter of two reality TV stars currently living solely with her father? That’s the question  being asked today after “Hitman” Stevie J put out a series of tweets that sent his followers into a tizzy. Stevie J is of course the star of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and a father of five, including baby Eva with his cast mate Mimi Faust.

According to Stevie J, however, he recently took Faust to court and was awarded sole custody of their baby girl.


And after receiving congratulatory messages from fans excited over his news, his baby’s mother, Mimi Faust, issued a series of harsh responses. “You’re too incompetent to take care of yourself much less our daughter!” said Faust. “The only kids you have custody of [are] the ones in your body.”

Stevie then issued a few responses of his own.

Check out Stevie J and Mimi talking their custody issue below. Their back-and-forth exchange will surely be a storyline on the second season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” –danielle canada 

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