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The hottest NBA wives and girlfriends

Before she became the star of her own reality show, ‘9os singing sensation Toni Braxton was the star of her own reality love triangle as the girlfriend of an NBA star who went out with his teammate. I could understand that Braxton was so fine that even as she came to a hotel to go on a date with Jason Kidd, she ended up leaving with Kidd’s teammate at the time, Jimmy Jackson, of the Dallas Mavericks. The treacherous move by Jackson and Braxton permanently fractured the chemistry between the two dynamic young stars.

Breathtakingly beautiful women, like Braxton and the women below, will have men wilding out and doing the craziest things. Remember, lusting after women have brought down governments and countries.

So, without further delay, here is a list of many of the finest NBA wives and girlfriends, past and present.

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