Donald Sterling, NBA: Example of racist economics by national brands

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the NBA have a secret that came to light. The NBA must decide how its real relationship in terms of the equitable and non-racial connection to an NBA that is 75 percent African American has disparities of economic and global proportions. The fact that Sterling and his racist actions were […]

Former NBA star Steve Francis dragged on Twitter for looking cracked out

Former NBA player Steve Francis (above, left) was destroyed on Twitter after he made an appearance at an NBA arena in which he used to star in, looking haggard and radically different from his playing days (below). Francis was only able to realize a fraction of his potential as a point guard for the Houston […]

NBA’s J.J. Redick calls ex-girlfriend the N-word

Los Angeles Clippers sharp shooter J.J. Redick is still feeling the effects of a 2007 document he and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez signed in which she said she decided to have an abortion. J.J. Redick said Lopez was never been pregnant with a child fathered by him, according to Look at this photo that Redick, […]

NBA star Tim Duncan’s new girlfriend’s hottest photos

San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan has most certainly upgraded in the trophy piece department after his acrimonious divorce from former wife Amy this past summer. Duncan, 37, has been linked to former reality star and current media personality Vanessa Macias, multiple media outlets report. Macias, 33, was recently spotted courtside at one of Duncan’s games wearing a […]

Who won and lost in the NBA Draft 2013?

With one of the more bizarre and perplexing draft nights in recent memories, punctuated by a dizzying array of trades, the results are in for the NBA Draft 2013. As the excitement dissipating and hardcore reality set in, we can access the winners and losers much more clearly and distinctly. Here are our assessment of […]

Celebrity Twitter responses to NBA Draft 2013

Denounced as the weakest drafts in recent memory, a multitude nevertheless turned out to see how NBA Draft 2013 would go down. There were multiple surprises in the mix. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who most thought would take the celebrated but oft-injured center Nerlens Noel out of Kentucky, wound up taking Anthony Bennett out of the […]

NBA superstar Blake Griffin dating Kate Upton; her hottest photos

The national media, most particularly The Bleacher Report, have insinuated strongly that Los Angeles Clippers high-jumper Blake Griffin has gotten blissfully entangled with supermodel Kate Upton. According to “ENews!,” Upton and the NBA power forward were seen cuddling and holding hands inside the Beauty & Essex in New York while partying with his teammate, Deandre […]

Basketball baller Landry Fields’ wife Elaine Alden’s hottest photos

Former New York Knick and current Toronto Raptor Lanry Fields never made much noise during his tenure in Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden. But his wife certainly has. Now that they are playing for the Toronto Raptors, Fields’ wife Elaine Alden can showcase her banging body for the Canadians. Reportedly, the two got married on Valentine’s […]

NBA star Nick Young sued for rape

A woman is suing NBA star, Nick Young for doing what rapper, Rick Ross got into trouble for talking about. She’s accusing the Philadelphia 76er for spiking her drink with a date-rape drug then raping her vaginally and anally in 2011. Filing the lawsuit under the name Jane Doe, the woman said she and her […]

NBA players who are Christians

The average basketball fan probably views the NBA as a cesspool of debauchery and iniquity. But there are many players who believe in God and are unabashed in practicing their faith.

The hottest NBA wives and girlfriends

Before she became the star of her own reality show, ‘9os singing sensation Toni Braxton was the star of her own reality love triangle as the girlfriend of an NBA star who went out with his teammate. I could understand that Braxton was so fine that even as she came to a hotel to go […]

Best white NBA players of all time

After segregation was lifted in the National Basketball Association and African Americans were allowed to showcase their skills at the highest level, the sport’s demographic paradigm began to shift radically. At one point in the late 1970s, it became almost exclusively black, which turned off the mostly white customer base at arenas. The trend has […]

NBA Likely to Cancel Season, Suggests Stephen A. Smith of ESPN

PHILADELPHIA – The NBA owners are poised to wipe out the entire 2011-12 season because too many teams are losing big money and the two sides are hundreds of millions of dollars apart, far too much of a difference to make up before the start of the season, suggests ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. “The owners […]

NBA Viewing, Attendance Set Record Highs; Baseball Sets Record Lows

As the National Basketball Association fires up one of the most exciting and highly anticipated playoffs of the modern era, they are boasting record highs in attendance, TV viewership and significant increases in sales and online views. Conversely, Major League Baseball is mired in embarrassment with record low attendance at some of its premiere franchise […]