‘Believe: Acoustic’ 10 reasons to check out Justin Bieber’s new album

'Believe: Acoustic' 10 reasons to check out Justin Bieber's new album

Pop mega-star Justin Bieber has released an all-acoustic rearrangement of his hit 2012 album Believe. And while some of us may consider ourselves outside of The Beebz‘s target age demographic (ahem), this album has enough musical weight to appeal to virtually anyone who can appreciate well-crafted pop music.

And sure with his personal life becoming more and more tabloid-friendly, it can be easy to forget that, underneath it all, Bieber is still a musician.

But we know there are going to be those music snobs out there laughing and snickering and turning up their noses at anything the kid does, so here are 10 reasons you should think about checking out Bieber’s Believe: Acoustic 

– stereo williams

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