The GMC Hummer EV is bringing sustainability to SUV lovers

Electrical vehicles are continuing to become more popular as time goes on, and the GMC Hummer EV is just another example of where the world is heading with electrical vehicles. The Hummer EV is the world’s first and only all-electric super truck, with amazing on-road performance, combined with authentic off-road capability. A new addition to […]

Cordae cracks the code on his latest release

Rapper Cordae is a generational talent and it’s clear while he is walking in his purpose, he is just scratching the surface. His latest offering From a Bird’s Eye View is a concept album that allows Cordae to speak on subjects from outside of his purview. From a Bird’s Eye View is presented to the listener […]

Album review: Kanye finally releases ‘Donda’ but… does it deliver?

Love him or hate him Kanye West moves the culture. The release of Donda has proven that Kanye‘s impact on music and culture worldwide is undeniable. West provided the world a two-month rollout on a project that he worked on in real-time for all to see. It is easy to forget that this is about […]

Does Lil Wayne bring ‘Funeral’ to life?

Lil Wayne is a rap legend and an icon in many a music mind. He is a valuable member of hip-hop culture. With 25 years in the music industry, he has amassed one of the most accomplished runs ever. With that being said, however, the legend of Lil Wayne seems extremely uninspired on his new […]

Arin Ray brings soulful sounds with new project, ‘Phases II’

Arin Ray represents the true sounds of real R&B. After an appearance on the hit show “X-Factor” 2012, the Cincinnati, Ohio native did not reach mainstream success following his appearance on the reality show.  Instead, he began to write hits for artists such as  Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Rick Ross, and Young Thug. Arin recently […]

Common’s ‘Black America Again’ is a message for the people

Common has created yet another masterpiece with Black America Again“. The project starts with a rousing introduction on the song “Joy and Peace.” It sounds like an opening prayer as Bilal’s layered vocals fill the track towards the end. There is a strong political message throughout the project, speaking to politicians and citizens to take […]

5 podcasts to help grow your business

  Podcasts are an easy form of entertainment and learning on-the-go. Whether looking for book reviews and suggestions, entertaining pop culture reviews, or even business centered self-help, there’s a podcast for it. If you’re looking for ways to get tips on growing your business and building better functioning relationships, some of these podcasts may be […]

Independent movie ‘The Plug’ premieres at private screening in Atlanta

The Plug is a film that takes moviegoers through all the twists and turns of the drug business, and how being involved in it can strain your personal relationships. The three themes of the movie are money, murder and loyalty. This comes with a big decision one of the characters in the film, Rilow, has […]

How the Cadillac CT6 combines luxury and technology with a bit of cool

To understand the significance of the Cadillac CT6, one must first understand why Cadillac remains an important brand today. The historic value of Cadillac goes without saying as it was staple for previous generations and continues to garner appeal from Generation X and Millennials. Enter the CT6. It’s a vehicle that maintains the sensibility of […]

Album review: Logic’s ‘The Incredible True Story’

Most of Logic’s “The Incredible True Story” works. The story follows refugees from earth, QuentinThomas and William Kai, traveling through space as they head for “Paradise.” The duo’s banter forms the framework of the album

Jazmine Sullivan stuns in Atlanta during her ‘Reality Show’ tour

Jazmine Sullivan has finally re-emerged on the music scene after a five-year hiatus. Due to being involved in a troubled relationship, Sullivan took time to find herself and get back to singing as if her soul depended on each note. With the release of her new album, Reality Show, Sullivan has hit the road to […]

Charlie Wilson's legend grows as 'Forever Charlie' tour takes over Atlanta

There are certain artists who have the legacy and coolness to bridge generational gaps. Charlie Wilson stands as an R&B/soul icon who can evoke a sense of nostalgia in baby boomers and also start a party in a room full of millennials. On Feb. 21, Wilson’s Forever Charlie tour made its way to Philips Arena […]

What are you listening to? Talib Kweli’s ‘Gravitas’

On his new album Gravitas, Kweli manages to find the middle-ground between hip-hop’s more thoughtful content and it’s more trivial — and he sounds a lot less contrived than he did when he attempted to pull off the same trick on 2013s overly-calculated Prisoner of Conscious. On Gravitas Kweli seems much more comfortable dabbling in different aesthetics — and that results in the most complete album he’s released in a decade.

Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ proves that you can’t go home again

One listen to The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the new album from hip-hop’s favorite provocateur, and it’s fairly easy to determine two things: 1) Eminem can still rap circles around 90% of the other rappers dominating the charts, and 2) He seems to be trying to recapture the glory days of his Y2K peak.