Michelle Williams talks ‘Fela!’ and ‘accidentally’ opening up about depression

Michelle Williams talks 'Fela!' and 'accidentally' opening up about depression

Michelle Williams is riding a pretty spectacular wave thus far in 2013. Of course, the world was ecstatic to see her reunited with her fellow former Destiny’s Child bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland at Super Bowl XLVII; and Williams is recording new solo material. Her most notable achievement, however, has been joining the musical Fela! Taking part in one of Broadway’s most acclaimed contemporary productions, Williams has enjoyed the experience of playing “Sandra” in eight shows a week. “Fela! means a lot to me,” she shares. “This show is such a spiritual show — a lot of dancing, a lot of movement, a beautiful story. And I love how Fela [Kuti]’s story is told so clearly through this show.”

“This is my fourth Broadway show and it’s a good workload and I absolutely love it,” she adds. “I’m used to it. It’s no different than a hectic touring schedule. “

Williams’ recent revelation that she struggled with depression touched on a subject that remains relatively taboo in the African American community, and while she says that she never intended to become a spokesperson for emotional wellness, she’s glad that she’s been able to touch others with her story. “Me talking about it was purely [accidental],” she explains. “It wasn’t anything I planned, but now that it’s out so many people are reaching out to me and saying ‘Thank you.’ They’ve been going through the same thing and didn’t know what to do.”

“I just got a text from someone saying that they’re glad I spoke about it. He didn’t even know what it was and he was diagnosed and was embarrassed about it,” she continues. “He was so happy that I told people that there’s nothing wrong with getting help. For years growing up, I thought someone getting treatment and counseling was really crazy or had personality disorders, but it’s really for normal people that have some issues that they need answers to.”

Williams has found some of those answers in her own life through faith, communication and hard work. She says that she’s in a better place now that she has been at any point in her adult life. “Even though I was working a lot, it was still something I was unhappy about. It didn’t mask anything for me. I needed to get some help so that I could begin to enjoy what I was doing. I’ve been blessed to do some great things. “

“Generational curses are absolutely serious and real and I’ve got to be the one to break them,” she says. “I don’t want my children to experience this. I want them to be healthy. I’m growing a lot and I’m just excited to help someone else.”

Williams’ brief reunion with her Destiny’s Child sisters was a joy for fans and undoubtedly for the singer herself, but with a hit play and an upcoming fourth solo album, her future is as bright as her past is storied. “The project is definitely almost done — my best work. I think people will definitely be pleased and surprised. It’s my truth. It’s my story,” Williams proclaims proudly. “You get to know me and it’s a chance to know what I love to do and gives people a chance to be inspired.”

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