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Chris Brown controversy leads to police chief’s resignation

The allegations that R&B star Chris Brown may have forged his community service documentation with the aid of the police chief of Richmond, Va., has led to the chief stepping down from his position. According to TMZ, Bryan Norwood has resigned as Richmond’s chief of police. A Los Angeles District Attorney alleged in a report last week that documentation that Brown presented as evidence of his having completed his court-mandated community service was fraudulent.

It has been implied that Brown and Norwood had a prior association, and the report claims that Norwood assisted Brown in forging documents regarding his probation. The singer was ordered to perform community service as part of his probation following his having pleaded guilty to domestic abuse of his girlfriend, pop superstar Rihanna, in 2009.

The mayor of Richmond has stated that Norwood’s resignation was decided by “mutual agreement.” Meanwhile, the judge in Los Angeles is now working to verify whether Brown actually complete his hours of service.

Richmond Assistant Chief of Police Ray J. Tarasovic will reportedly come out of retirement to replace Norwood.


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