‘Escape From Planet Earth’ movie review

'Escape From Planet Earth' movie review

Escape From Planet Earth
Stars: Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ricky Jervais, Jessica Alba, Rob Corddry

Astronaut Scorch Supernova (voiced by Brendan Fraser) and his brother, Gary (voiced by Rob Corddry) work very hard to keep their galaxy safe, so when they get an SOS signal from the dark planet (Earth), Scorch doesn’t hesitate to respond. The only problem is it’s a trap, not an actual emergency. Now it’s up to little brother Gary to rescue Scorch.
The Weinstein brothers have created an animated film that kids will love, with its blue (the color, not the emotion) superheros, and long list of interesting alien characters, they will probably have a marketing juggernaut on their hands, whether or not it’s a blockbuster at the box office. –p.d. lee

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