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Black actors who won Oscars but had horrible roles

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the powerful Hollywood organization behind the Academy Awards, is in love with black dysfunction, criminality, hypersexuality and servitude on the big screen. Because, except in rare exceptions, those are the only roles that gets rewarded with an Oscar in Tinseltown.

Don’t get it twisted: The community is mostly proud whenever an African American walks away with the golden trophy. But the roles that some of the actors win for give the community pause.

Take a look at the black actors who won Oscars but had horrible roles.


1. Mo’Nique — the comedian and former BET talk show host won for playing the vile, perverted, mean-spirited, nasty, welfare-cheating child abuser in Precious, Mary Lee Johnson, who all but destroyed the illiterate, incest-victimized, HIV-positive, “dark-skinned” daughter. Notice also that Mo’Nique is wearing a handkerchief that resembles the one that Hattie McDaniel wore in her subservient role in the 1939 classic Gone With the Wind.

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