Beyoncé vs. Alicia Keys: Who’s the most overexposed diva of 2013?

Beyoncé vs. Alicia Keys: Who's the most overexposed diva of 2013?

They’ve been everywhere and we’re only two months in to the year.

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys are two of the biggest female stars of their generation, and they tend to be casually compared by music fans. Ten years ago, their differences were fairly obvious; one was a kinetic dance-pop star in the Janet/Madonna mold, the other was an earnest singer-songwriter that echoed Carole King and Roberta Flack. But somewhere along the way, the stylistic gap between these two Gen. Y superstars got narrower and narrower, and now we find ourselves in the first half of 2013 watching both of them take over every major event and media spectacle known to man.

Super Bowls. Presidential inaugurations. All-Star games. One or both has shown up at them all. Both have sat down for in-depth interviews with Oprah (Keys’ appearance on “Master Class” has yet to air.) Add to that the bevy of magazine covers, high-profile endorsement deals and documentary buzz surrounding Bey and A. Keys and it’s a wonder the public isn’t saturated on them already.

So which megastar is closer to the tipping point?

Nicki Minaj felt the burn of overexposure last year and as a result has started 2013 relatively quiet. Both Beyoncé and Alicia Keys have gone through the birth of their first children in the last couple of years, so they’ve spent several months reannouncing themselves to the public.

But who’s done a better job?

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