Beth Guide helps businesses maximize their online presence

Beth Guide helps businesses maximize their online presence

Name: Beth Guide

Company: SEO411

Title: President and Owner

Tell us about SEO411. 

SEO411 was founded to help small businesses become more successful on the Internet. There are so many bad Web development and SEO firms out there that prey on small businesses but we believe that we have a responsibility to help these businesses spot those fake firms.

What are the top things that companies should know about maximizing their online presence?

 Most companies set out to build their web presence and pay little attention to how people are going to find their website and instead focus on creating the coolest looking website. Business owners should know that there are certain criteria that search engines need to meet for a website to succeed.  Often inexperienced business owners make poor decisions by choosing flash-based websites or graphic heavy sites which cannot be read by Google or other search bots. Every company should make sure that their site developer creates a balance when it comes down to cool sites and getting mass volume to your site. If maximizing the online presence means increasing its reach and visibility businesses need to make sure that their design elements are tightly monitored in correlation with Googles best practices for maximum success. 

Why is it so important for woman to start seeking jobs in computing occupations? 

Computer-based careers were often thought to be programming or math-based, which is usually something that men excel at. In today’s society, computer based occupations can extend from the most scientific jobs to the mommy blogger who has learned that she can create an income stream simply by sharing tips on how to be a better parent. From marketing and branding to arts and sculpture, there are many different types of computer careers that woman should start to explore when deciding a career path. 

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