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Entertainment » Consequence explains why he attacked Joe Budden

Consequence explains why he attacked Joe Budden

If there’s anything we’ve learned about Consequence since he made his reality TV debut on “Love & Hip Hop,” it’s that the hip-hop vet is not afraid to stir up trouble and trouble is definitely what he caused earlier this week when he attacked Joe Budden at the show’s reunion taping. Though the hot-headed emcee has already been very vocal about the brawl, he recently spoke with Hot 97 and explained why he attacked Joey.

During his interview with radio host Angie Martinez, Cons denied claims that he ran away after sucker punching Joey and getting punched by their cast mate, Tahiry.

“The No. 1 thing is I don’t run from nobody,” he said. “Why would I smack somebody and then run, but stay there to get jumped? I never ran from nothing.”

As many already assumed, Cons explained that the altercation was spurred by his and Budden’s awkward confrontation during a previous Hot 97 interview.

“When I spoke to him at Hot 97 he said to me and Jen that he would never make mention [of] us in the public. However I looked in the video, I spoke to [Hot 97 program director] Ebro about it, me and Ebro had a man-to-man conversation. Ebro tweeted that me and Joe had a man-to-man conversation, fine,” Cons explained.

However, he says that he was infuriated when Joey later spoke about him in an interview with This Is 50.

“He talks about the interview at Hot [97] then he goes on and say ‘but if Consequence ever does an interview like he did before I’ma have to approach him a different way.’ That’s the piece of the story that he doesn’t tell anybody,” Cons said.

Martinez questioned why neither her nor Joey could just let their beef go, but Cons argued that he’s “trained to go” and, thus, a fight was inevitable.

However, Joey wasn’t the only one that Cons dissed in the interview. Cons also claimed that all the storylines on the show are fake. Well, except for one.

“This [fight] is the realest thing that happened on this show all season,” Cons claimed.

Well, authenticity aside, this isn’t the first time that a beef has gone too far. Check out some other violent hip-hop beefs below. –nicholas robinson


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