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Celebrity Twitter responses to LeBron James dunk over Jason Terry

lebron-dunks-on-celtics-2Even celebrities and athletes of other sports delivered hilarious commentary on social media after the LeBron James’ monster ally-oop slam dunk that sent loud-mouth Jason Terry of Archnemesis, Boston crashing to the floor. Jason Terry continues to trend some 12 hours after the game was played on Monday evening, March, 18th.

The jarring King James jam, served as the singular highlight of a monumental regular-season with the Miami Heat win over the Celtics that raised their winning streak to 23 consecutive games. It was the second best such streak in the history of the NBA  and the most since Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and the Los Angeles Lakers won 33 in a row 42 years ago.

What added to the drama is that the Celtics are the mortal enemies of the Miami Heat and seen by most sports pundits and journalist as the greatest threat to topple the Miami Heat championship throne (Indiana is the other). Moreover, both Terry and Paul “The Truth” Pierce had denigrated the streak, with Terry saying, “That he wasn’t impressed with the Heat winning streak or anything that they do.”

So when James planted his feet flush into Terry’s grill during the slam dunk — with James standing over Terry as he laid on the floor for added effect — it was James’ symbolic way of closing the mouth of the loquacious and talented point guard who beat James and the Heat for the championship when he was with the Dallas Mavericks. With Terry’s mouth sewn shut, other athletes and celebrities are talking, and they showed little mercy on Terry:

Take a look at what other celebrities and fans have to say about the thunderous throw-down by LeBron James.

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