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Cynthia Nevels talks ‘The C-show’ and angel investing

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Name: Cynthia Nevels
Company:, a division of Integrality, LLC, a technology and business management consulting firm certified HUB, MBE and WBE.
Locations: Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.

Why should  people tune into The C-Show?

The C-show will focus on the mindset shift that is needed in our under-served communities. The marketing messages are not re-directing behavior of families who have lost their homes to foreclosure, or closed bank accounts due to overdraft fees or loss of their vehicles because they had to make a choice between groceries or a car note. The reality that urban families are facing is dire, yet NIKE has a line around the corner for the launch of a new pair of sneakers. I believe that the tools needed to create new businesses in the urban community are right in front of us; however, connecting the dots and understanding the language can be a hurdle for some in underserved communities. There are people out there, wealthy people with experience, who are willing to listen to fresh ideas and business models for those who are prepared. I talk to them on my show every Tuesday and they give the help away for free. We have to understand that what they want is the next big idea and they don’t care what color you are because money is green.

Why should more Americans become involved with angel investing?

In certain underserved communities, there is not a shortage of business ideas; however, there is a shortage in equity. Equity in homes, asset accounts and equity in small businesses creates value which is enticing to any investor. Capitalizing on an idea that creates value or equity for a high growth or traditional business is how wealth is created. If we want to create more jobs in underserved communities, we must be willing to create viable business and alternative capital sources for the greater good of the community.

Why have African Americans and Latinos left out of the angel investing equation in America?

Angel investors use their assets to invest in companies and traditionally minorities have not learned how equity investing works. Minorities have to actively research angel investing and learn about it, and also talk with financial advisories and business experts about how it could improve or impact their business.

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