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Former NFL player Gerome Sapp launches


 Gerome Sapp


Former NFL Teams: Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts

What is the mission of Fluencr? 

Fluencr allows brands the ability to verify and validate the social value each ambassador holds for their brand while providing them with ROI validating analytics surrounding each ambassador. The platform also allows brands, as well as ambassadors, the ability to monetize individual influence via social media marketing campaigns, something that makes truly unique and valuable. The message that we want to share is that we can all prove to be influential to a specific brand or initiative if we are given the proper platform to connect with that brand or initiative and prove our influence to them.

What sets you apart from other social media marketing and branding companies? 

Fluencr believes that every individual is influential or can prove to be influential to a specific brand. We allow users the ability to connect with their favorite brands and prove their brand’s specific influence by becoming a social ambassador for a brand.  This then allows the customer the ability to get rewarded with free products or services from those brands.

What other projects are you working on that our readers should know about? 

I am always working to see Fluencr recognized as the standard for measuring and rewarding brand specific influence. Outside of that, I continue my work with the Tragedy Assistance Program (T.A.P.S.) for military charity for the families of soldiers killed in war.

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