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Iggy Azalea getting close to Kanye? ‘I was at his house …’


Fans are still reeling from the rumors that Kanye West wants to name his baby with Kim Kardashian, ‘North.’ T here is speculation that all may not be well in KimYe’s world. Now, adding fuel to the fire, Australian rapper and Grand Hustle femcee Iggy Azalea, has mentioned that she and Yeezy have been spending a little time together.

In an interview with The Guardian, Iggy shared that she and Kanye have been kicking it. She also revealed that Kanye shared with her some of the stuff he was working on.Weird stuff. But she revealed that she didn’t feel the need to return the favor.

“No,” she said after being asked if Yeezy heard her unreleased music. “But I was at his house last week and he was playing me his ‘scriptures’, as he calls his spoken-word interludes. Then there was one about McDonald’s.”  She went on to share some of Kanye’s Mickey D’s-themed ‘scriptures.’

“Those fries/ Those fries/ I have them in my eyes/ That smooth apple pie…’” she said he wrote. “I love it. What is the line between art and ignorance?”

Not sure. But that’s definitely dancing right on it. Also, Iggy recently broke up with her unofficial love interest, rapper A$AP Rocky.

There have also been rumors out of the BBC that Kanye is planning to name his album I Am God. The BBC claims that the proposed title is likely, ‘half tongue-in-cheek.’

Half tongue-in-cheek?”


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  1. Jen Munar on March 26, 2013 at 11:41 pm

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