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Fashion wars: Stevie Boi vs. Coco Breezy


The battle for designer, rock star credibility is officially on. The stakes have never been higher as the quest for unique individuality continues to mark the difference between tomorrow’s future fashion legends and the phonies jumping on the copy cat wagon because it’s trendy. My personal favorites to watch are New York eye wear designer, “Stevie Boi” and twin design sensations, CoCo & Breezy. They are both great, both unique, and both are absolute badasses in the fashion game, each one waiting to dress your face… So the real question is… who’s rocks harder?

Who pushes the envelope past epic and makes your style purchase count? The Atlanta native with model good looks and a rockstar personato match, or the beautiful twins, hailing from Minnesota that could easily be in a high fashion editorial of their own?

When it comes to the actual design and style of the eyewear, it’s a very close call. I have to admit, style wise, they are almost cutting from the same pervebial cloth of studs, metal, and face framing. Stevie Boi may have the artistic advantage that showcases his avante-garde twist on things. A pair of red amazements with a gun for the handle is a favorite. Coco & Breezy make it a close call with their bright, edgy editorials.

The wit they convey has become extremely sophisticated since their big 2010 debut, which I appreciate greatly from a business end. They have a stunning collection titled, Rainy Days, that is reminiscent of the passion Miu Miu delivers in color and suggestion…so… makes choosing a clear cut winner not so transparent. Price wise Stevie Boi is more consumer friendly, but maybe with the twins you get two for the price of one in the long run. Quality wise I am awesomely impressed with what the twins offer. Stevie Boi takes the lead for hustle value. His wares have graced both Vogue Italia and Tokyo, not including B, Ga Ga, and others doning his specs. That alone wins my hearrt.

 I say support both if you can. There is room in the fashion closet of the world to own more than one pair of great eyeglasses and keep the spirit of artistic competition alive. Better for fashion, better for your wardrode.

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