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Miami pimp forces 13-year-old girl to tattoo eyelids

roman thomas shanteria sanders

Miami-based Roman Thomas III forced a 13-year-old prostitute, who he’s advertising online for $100 an hour, to tattoo his nickname on her eyelids. She threatened to run away and as punishment he forced her to drink alcohol, take drugs and tattoo “Suave” on one eyelid and “House” on the other, branding her as his property.

Shanteria Sanders, 22, with “Suave” tattooed across her chest, was also charged.

The despicable pair are facing charges for human trafficking, false imprisonment, lewd and lascivious exhibition and delivery of a controlled substance to a child.

Thomas and Sanders met the innocent girl at USA Flea Market in Miami, persuaded her to go to a motel where they took obscene photographs of her that were posted on

The 13-year-old’s mother has been vigilant in finding her daughter and reported the crime to police.

Thomas will be charged formally on April 13.