Christine McDonald was sold into 21 years of sex trafficking after foster care

Christine Clarity McDonald was sold into human trafficking after falling through the cracks of the very flawed foster care system and experiencing several stints of homelessness. McDonald was also forced to choose between her eyesight and her unborn child, which resulted in complete blindness. After 103 arrests, seven prison stints, and almost taking a life, […]

Tonya Stafford is dedicated to keeping women and children safe

Dallas native Tonya Stafford is a survivor of human trafficking who has been using her voice for more than 10 years to help rescue, restore and stabilize victims of that heinous crime and keep them safe. As a Black woman, what do you consider your superpowers to be? My granddaughter says I have superpowers because […]

Megachurch pastor arrested for sex trafficking

The state of Georgia ranks as No. 10 in the nation for its large and expanding population of Hispanic immigrants. So the expansion of a Mexican-based megachurch in Flowery Branch, Georgia, was nothing out of the ordinary. But the proposed expansion is being opposed by residents in the surrounding community, and now the opposition is even […]

Judge Cassandra Kirk is working to save children’s lives

Human trafficking involves the exploitation of someone for a commercial sex act through the use of force, fraud or coercion. It is a scourge on society as a whole and the city of Atlanta in particular.  Cassandra Kirk, Fulton County Magistrate Court Chief Judge, is working with others in the city to stop it. Kirk serves on the […]

Toni Rivera: From sex slave to sex trafficker to rescuer of young women

Perhaps the low point of Toni Rivera’s life as a sex slave happened when she was forced to have intercourse with 23 men back-to-back to pay off her pimp’s Super Bowl bet. Perhaps her breaking point happened when she begged a Miami cop to free her from violent bondage, only to have that police officer say […]

AKA adviser and 6 men indicted in Fort Valley State University pimping scandal

A scandal that shocked the Fort Valley State University community has taken another turn. Law enforcement officials have now indicted two former college administrators and at least six Black men in a salacious scandal that involved the sex trafficking of AKA sorority pledges. In April 2018, rolling out reported on a GBI investigation that was […]

How a Facebook live video led mom to rescue teen from Chicago sex traffickers

A Facebook live video seen by thousands has resulted in a Black teen being rescued from sex traffickers. The video, which circulated last month, showed an incoherent teen on a leash. That teen was identified as Armoni Chambers, 16, who had been reported missing on May 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by her mother Bonnie Bruno. […]

AKA at the center of prostitution ring investigation at HBCU identified

The campus of Fort Valley State University is in crisis after charges of sexual misconduct involving members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and a former school administrator. A few weeks ago, social media was ablaze with the allegations that members of pledge lines, that may go back at least two years, had prostituted themselves […]

Man confesses he sold murdered teen into Chicago sex trade for $250

Human trafficking is still going strong across the country and a tragedy in Chicago shows the vile and deadly nature of the trade. It was in the Windy City on Dec. 1, 2016, that Charles McFee, 26, made a deal that was supposed to earn him $250. He was able to pick out and entice […]

Teen sues Houston hotels and truck stops that allowed her to be prostituted

The woman in court documents identified as Jane Doe #1 was 16 when she met a pimp while living in her parents’ Houston home. Soon, she found herself lured away and into the world of human trafficking on the streets of Houston. She advertised her services on the website Backpage with coded messages to indicate […]

Meet the king of sex trafficking who recruited women and girls on Facebook

Brock Franklin, 31, was sentenced for his hand in brutalizing women and girls. His punishment is being described as the longest in U.S. history for a human trafficking case. Reports estimate 4M victims of human trafficking are forced into sexual exploitation. Franklin’s victims were drugged (specifically with ecstasy, aka Molly), pistol-whipped, tracked by the GPS on […]

2 men busted for running prostitution ring in senior living facility

Two Massachusetts men have been jailed without bail for running a prostitution and human trafficking ring out of a senior citizens home, local police stated in its report. Randy Lambach, 45, was the alleged “mastermind” behind the operation. According to the report, Lambach prowled the Pittsfield area for potential victims for years. He would keep […]

Mystery as 26 Black girls are found dead at sea

Italian authorities are announcing the discovery of 26 teenage Black girls who were found dead in the waters of the Mediterranean sea. According to CNN, the bodies of the girls ranged from 14 to 18 and were found floating near a collapsed rubber boat to which other survivors were clinging for dear life. Ever since the […]

Todd Patterson goes from prison to prosperity, part 2

Todd Patterson, the author of The Testimony, The Message, and The Victory: Deliverance from Evil, continues his conversation with rolling out. In part two, he talks about his arrest and time in prison: What happened that led to you being incarcerated? The next day when I came home from work I found her drinking and using drugs, […]

Todd Patterson goes from prison to prosperity and deliverance from evil, part 1

When you look at Todd Patterson, you would never think that he was musician, gospel artist and the author of the book, The Testimony, The Message, and The Victory: Deliverance from Evil. Like many young Black men, his teen years were filled with hustling, drugs and street culture. Patterson’s role model was his stepfather, a known […]

Author Todd Patterson goes from prison to prosperity (podcast)

When you look at Todd Patterson, you would never think that he was musician, gospel artist and now the author of the book The Testimony, The Message, and The Victory: Deliverance from Evil. Like many young Black men, his teen years were filled with hustling, drugs and street culture. Patterson’s role model was his stepfather, […]

Remembering Relisha Rudd, missing Black girl from DC

Black missing girls have taken center stage on social media because of a viral tweet that was later proved to be inaccurate. It all centered on the city of Washington, D.C., and the fake story of 14 girls who went missing in a 24-hour period from one area. Even though that story was false, it […]

Malcolm Nance to lead vital discussion on human trafficking, national defense

During the National Security Business Leadership Breakfast Series, Malcolm Nance will provide “industry best practices” to incorporate countermeasures against the 10 cyber hacking threats for business and government. He will engage with special agents on a host of subjects including human and sexual trafficking, counter-terrorism, cybercrime, cyber hacking, national security and immigration’s impact on national […]

Atlanta pimp’s $1.2M home raided by feds for human trafficking

What was going on in a Sandy Springs mansion? Human Trafficking Suspect Kenndric Roberts is now in the Fulton County Jail. #fox5atl — Aungelique Proctor (@aungeliquefox5) March 8, 2017 Atlanta pimp Kenndric Roberts, 33, will appear before a Fulton County, Georgia, judge on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at 11 a.m. to answer to false imprisonment […]