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Flavor Flav’s fiancee reportedly suffers overdose


Rapper Flavor Flav‘s fiancee, Liz Trujillo, was rushed to the hospital on April 1 after reportedly overdosing on painkillers. The Public Enemy hype man is currently appearing on VH1’s “Couples Therapy” alongside Trujillo, and according to initial reports, several people noticed that she was behaving strangely.

TMZ reports that an unnamed source with the show claimed that “she took too many pills.” It wasn’t assumed to be a suicide attempt, but rather, an accidental overdose.

However, a representative for Flav says that Trujillo did not overdose. Instead, she allegedly was suffering from exhaustion.

Flavor Flav and Trujillo, 39, have a young son together.

They agreed to appear on the show to work on their relationship, which has its fair share of drama. They were involved in a domestic dispute last year.

A fight erupted at the couple’s Las Vegas home in 2012, reportedly after Trujillo confronted Flav about cheating with a blonde woman. During the fight, the hip-hop star reportedly pulled a knife on Trujillo and her son. He was subsequently arrested.

Public Enemy is set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month in Los Angeles.