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‘Love & Hip-Hop’ reunion part 1 best moments

Mona Scolding Raqi

Rashidah, Raqi and Mona battle

Rashidah then turns her attention to Raqi, who she famously called “industry p—y.” The ladies argue back and forth over who’s slept with the most industry men and Raqi claims that Rah “gon’ come out the closet this season or next” because she’s obsessed with clocking her vagina. Raqi reveals that her beef with Rah began years ago when Rah allegedly tried to swindle her out of money. When the two ladies begin yelling at each other again, Mona tries to intervene.  Raqi tells her to “chill,” which pushes Mona to her limit.  “Do not ever tell me to chill,” Mona said, forcing Raqi to back down in fear.


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