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Diddy’s girls Kate Upton vs. Cassie: Who’s more stylish?

kate & cassie4:TXT:LOGO

Kate Upton and Cassie fashion face off. Who has more style? You decide.

The Internet is going crazy with rumors that Sir Diddy Bop, aka Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka, P. Diddy, aka, King Combs, is skipping out on Cassie with Sport’s Illustrated’s cover girl and sex symbol, Kate Upton. How is this possible? Cassie is one of the most stunning faces in entertainment. Just recently she has stepped out as a style maven with a unique haircut that has become iconic. Upton is no mouse either. A strikingly gorgeous woman in her own right, she sets hearts ablaze with a look that is classic sex symbol. She has a girl next door quality with a bad baby sitter type hiding just beneath the surface. We have comprised side-by-side photos and set a ring of fashion up. Ding, ding, ding! May the best fashionista style boss win. Please click through photo gallery and judge for yourself. Should Diddy stay with the flyest of them all? Or rely on love? He is a man about flash and publicity, so this one is hard to call.