5 reasons women stay with a cheater

caught him cheating

You’ve heard all of the stories of women who might have seemed a little crazy for trying to tough it out with a cheating spouse, but there might be reasons at play that you aren’t aware of.  Tiger Woods, John Edwards and even Jesse James did their dirt, but at least for a short time their wives tried to stand by them.

You might call that loyalty dumb or crazy, but we’re going to open up the human psyche for you, and tell you why some women try to stick it out.

1.  She got married clearly because she does not want to be alone.  Now with that threat looming — she will still cling to him, and try to put it behind them.

2.  Yeah, it’s not the prettiest of reasons, but he’s got the loot. It’s been said that the rich are forgiven; so is the guy who pays your bills, and keeps you in a nice house.

3.  He has a significant title or social standing. People get together and stay together for odd reasons sometimes, and this is easily one of the most common. People get used to getting the star treatment, and have access to things that the “little people” only dream about.

4.  Their mutual acquaintances might side with him. If he’s the star in the relationship (or just a very likeable guy), all of the acquaintance that they share might just ditch her in favor of the more popular person in the relationship.

5.  Last, but most important; they have children together, and she doesn’t want to see them go through the agony of losing one of their parents — even on a limited basis. She realizes that their children are accustomed to having mom and dad around all of the time, and she won’t take that away from them if she can help it.

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