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Russell Simmons dishes on Tide’s ‘Rising Tide’ contest


Russell Simmons dishes on ‘Rising Tide’

Tide and Russell Simmons are encouraging youth on their path to success. The detergent brand is currently promoting its Rising Tide program which provides information and expert advice to young people as they pursue their dreams. Rising Tide is currently holding an online contest that features a grand prize of a one-on-one with Russell Simmons. Below Simmons dishes on his own personal success and the life changing capabilities of the Rising Tide campaign. –danielle canada

What exactly is the My Rising Tide campaign?

The idea is inspiring people to look inside for strength, just being able to do the most with what they have. Teaching some basic ideas that people can digest them and have faith in them. These simple messages are sometimes forgotten, there’s so much noise in society and so little focus on basic truth.

What can a My Rising Tide contest winner expect to learn?

A lot of what I’m going to tell them is in my book, it’s also written in every scripture. I want people to know to be a good servant. The CEO of a company is a servant just like an intern is a servant. People should be giving what they want to receive.

Since this campaign is about motivating people, what has personally motivated you to become the person you are today?

I think the thing about being a servant is that you have to fill a hole, give people what they need. People needed an adult clothing company inspired by the urban experience. So I thought I would make an urban graduate [look] which Argyle Culture is an example. Whatever service it is, whether it’s an entrepreneurial adventure or another business, it’s about actually doing what needs to be done and giving people what you think they need.

What advice would you give someone who’s unsure about entering the My Rising Tide contest?

One step makes the second step happen much easier. Without that first step nothing ever happens.

Give until they can’t live without you.