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Celebrities who lost endorsement deals

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Multinational corporations have often entered into high-risk endorsement deals with controversial artists because of the financial windfalls they provide. But some of those companies have been getting burned quite frequently.

Lil Wayne is but the latest artist to fall afoul of the public and the major companies that fork out millions to help them peddle their products to the masses. When the Sizzurp-sipping miniature music mogul made the profoundly ignorant move of using vulgar and tasteless lyrics in discussing slain civil rights-era martyr Emmett Till, Mountain Dew’s parent company, Pepsico, quickly announced a severing of ties.

This is far from the first time in the modern era that musicians have made corporations moonwalk better than Michael Jackson away from their artists they employed after something stupid or highly-controversial popped off with the celebrity spokesperson.

Here is a list of other artists whom have had their lucrative endorsement deals snatched out of their hands.

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