Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarneav becomes a heartthrob?!? Fans say ‘he’s too cute’ to die


This has gotten ridiculous. Tens of thousands of young American women and girls have began a social media movement to save the life of accused Boston bomb terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarneav, despite the horrific crimes he’s accused of committing against the United States.

In essence, thousands of American teen girls are making alleged Boston Marathon bomber into an unlikely heartthrob.

Why? Because they think he’s cute. Therefore he cannot be put to death.

You’re kidding me, right?

Tsarnaev, 19, and his teen girl Twitter army of idiots are gushing such thoughts as he is “too beautiful to be a terrorist” and “he’s cute i don’t want him to die.”

The girls have declared their allegiance to the man who admitted to setting off the bomb that took off limbs and took lives through the hashtag #FreeJahar  on Twitter and many have also studied the tweets the suspect posted before his bloody arrest.  One of Tsarnaev’s fans, named Alisha, told the New York Post she would put Tsarnaev’s own April 7 tweet on her arm, which read:

“If you have the knowledge and the inspiration all that’s left is to take action.” Later, however, the waitress Tweeted that she’s had to put the tattoo plans on hold “out of respect of my family’s wishes.”  But she also added, “For now.  It’s still something I definitely want.”

Alisha said she believes Tsarnaev is innocent and the evidence doesn’t add up.  After having read his tweets, Alisha concluded, “He was just this pothead 19-year-old boy who didn’t care.  I feel like he doesn’t have a voice.  Somebody needs to stand up for him.”

But shockingly, she’s not the only one who seems to be acting like a groupie towards the bushy-haired former college student who allegedly killed three people and brutally injured many others by planting bombs along the marathon route with his now dead brother, Tamerlin.

Read some of these tweets, some of which have since been erased:

“@Lovelessmariee”  tweeted “I’m not going to lie…Dzhokhar…is hot.”

“@FreeJahar97,” who identified herself on Twitter as “Gianna,” 16, with “big boobs,” called Tsarnaev a heartthrob.

Ariel Barnes, 19, of Columbus, Ohio, insisted she wasn’t a fangirl but added, “I feel like he’s my brother.”

And another Tweeter, “@Shadowlily1993″ declared that people can judge her all they want but “I hope to meet him one day.  He fascinates me.”

Even more alarmingly, further internet accounts exist, with girls leaving such comments as “I love you, bomb my heart” and posting photographs of themselves in underwear while holding up pieces of paper with the suspect’s name written on them.

Incredible. Beyond words.

Jodi Arias is a physically attractive woman in the eyes of many. But, after being convicted of crimes of evil against her murdered boyfriend, she deserve to sizzle. Susan Smith, another bumbling brunette bubblehead from South Carolina who drowned her own toddler sons in order to keep her man, should have been put to death instead of getting life in prison.

What do you think.

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